Individualized goals are derived from New York State Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS) in conjunction with Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

To support the achievement of these goals, we utilize a variety of different published curricula to cater to each student’s individual strengths.  These include:

English/Language Arts

English Language Arts curriculums are individualized for each student. Curriculums that are selected for implementation at SAS are evidence-based, rigorous, and benched marked.

  • Orton Gillingham
  • Ed Mark Reading Program
  • Into Reading
  • Hooked on Phonics
  • Reading A-Z
  • Learning Without Tears
  • Thematic Based Lessons
  • Guided Level Readers


Math curriculums are individualized for each student. Curriculums that are selected for implementation at SAS are evidence-based, rigorous, and benched marked.


  • Dimensions Math: Singapore Math
  • Math in Focus: Singapore Math
  • Touch Math

Social-Emotional Skills

Shirley created the “I Learn Through Play” curriculum that systematically breaks down the social-emotional, play, and regulation skills that are expected in a group setting.

This language rich model provides a very high level of visual, behavior and emotional support. We scaffold interactions and pragmatic expectations in a group setting for students to learn how to connect and meaningful with their peers focusing on in all aspects of group play skills:

  • Symbolic Play
  • Dramatic Play
  • Games with Rules
  • Open-Ended Play

SAS also utilizes Michelle Garcia’s Social Thinking program, where we customize social stories/videos to help students improve in the areas of:

  • Perspective taking
  • Working as a team
  • Self-regulation/coping skills
  • Understanding facial expressions/emotions
  • Understanding non-verbal cues
  • Personal Space
  • Executive Functioning/Organization Skills


We are a program that also uses the community as a classroom setting to help our students carry over their skills in real-life situations and settings. Our students go to the Playground 2-3 x week (weather permitting) where they get a chance to interact with peers in a dynamic setting.

Lunch Bunch takes our students to local restaurants to practice their social skills while trying new foods. We also take regular trips into the community where we visit local places such as: the public library, grocery stores, cafes, toy stores, and sometimes movie theaters.

Organizational Skills

Executive Functioning skills are embedded in our school program to teach our students to plan and manage their time, self control, organize materials and task initiation.Our students learn how to apply these skills at school and in real life situations. We create opportunities to teach our students beyond the classroom. SAS scaffolds the supports that are required to help our students execute each step of the goal using positive reinforcement and natural environment teaching.

Adaptive Physical Education

SAS students participate in daily physical activity including obstacle courses, traditional team sports and life-sized games.

We prioritize taking students outside for physical education where they also get a chance to interact with community members and practice their social skills.


We use “Into Science Curriculum” designed for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These activities include thematic, multi-sensory and hands-on activities that cater to a variety of learners. STEM lessons are based on Steve Spangler’s “Amazing Science Experiences.”


All students are provided with Chromebooks and learn keyboarding skills when they are physically and developmentally ready. They also conduct online research under direct supervision and work collaboratively on classroom projects.

Art, Music and Movement

Art therapy and Music classes are held once per week.  We partner with S’Cool Sounds and Downtown Dance Factory for music and movement curriculum. Students will get the opportunity to participate in an annual recital to show off their moves!

Social Studies

Social Studies curriculum emphasizes the social and emotional aspects of our everyday lives. We utilize Scholastic Learning and Brain Pop to foster awareness and acceptance of all cultures.

We celebrate our diverse community by learning about global holidays/events and achievements in human rights. We believe that early emphasis on teaching cultural differences prepares our students for a lifetime of tolerance, understanding, and appreciation for diversity.